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Ionis Tours

The Ionis Tours was founded in 1980.

John and Mary Barouni, people with restless spirit , lovers search of natural beauty and the need for contact and acquaintance with near and distant and unknown cultures, I felt a personal need to create a tourism office that would provide their fellow citizens and themselves " DOOR IN THE WORLD ".

So wanted to offer high quality travel experiences.

In order to fulfill this objective the unique travel experience that revolved primarily to celebrating the culture of the old continent.
Around the late 80s inaugurated destinations that travelers brought near endless Greek beauty and priceless archaeological culture.

In the early 90s escaped the confines of Europe, with transatlantic trips in Asia, the United States, Latin America, African continent and even in Australia and Japan.

The 5 -star amenities of office, became widely known through the best way of advertising, which is none other than the transmission of the best impressions that brought travelers.

Thus the boundaries of society Volos were closely and people show their confidence in the quality of our services (hotels, buses, restaurants) which focuses on direct service and a variety of schemes and proposed solutions to satisfy the needs the Traveler .

STILL GREAT ECONOMIC AND SPIRITUAL BODIES OF LOCAL SOCIETY show their trust by entrusting the Desk of large clubs in our experience .

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