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Pelion mountain in Magnesia near the city of Volos , height 1,624 meters ( top Pourianos Cross ) . In Greek mythology, was the summer residence of the gods and home of the Centaurs .

Mountain where lived the wild race of centaurs ( half people - half horses ) fed raw meat . When drunk and teased the bride Hippodamia in marriage of the king of the Lapiths , Peirithoos , he killed or chased from Thessaly . Considered the summer residence of the 12 gods of Olympus . Zeus Extreme , the top of Pelion the ancient sacrifice demanded by rain in times of drought . House of the wisest of the Centaurs , Chiron the Centaur , tutor of Achilles , Jason hunting , lyre and medicine. Name was in ancient times the wedding of Peleus and the Nereid Thetis made the top of Pelion , in the cave of the centaur Chiron . Here was attended by all the Olympian Gods than Eris . Eris angry that he was not invited because he threw an apple wrote on it " the most beautiful " with the ultimate result to be the Trojan War . From the coast of Pelion starts Argonauts involving all heroes famous in Greece in an effort to bring Jason from distant Kochlida the " golden fleece " to claim the throne of Iolcus .

Geographic Information
It stretches from the northwest to the southeast along with approximately 44 km and width varies from 10 km in the south to 25 km in the north and at coordinates 39,44 N 23,04 E. Approximate boundaries are the south Platanorema near Neohori and north to Kaporema near the monastery Flamouriou . The highest peak is located on the north side of the mountain and is not open due to the existence of military installations . Other peaks are Kotroni 1550 meters , 1547 meters Pliasidi , AIDONAKIA 1537 meters , 1471 meters Agrioleukes , Dramalis 1455 meters , 1450 meters Schitzourafli , Calvary 1415 meters , 1300 meters Lagonika .

Ecology - Geology
The whole mountain is overgrown with forests of tall beeches , oaks , sycamores , horse chestnut , pine forest and thickets hybrid fir . At lower altitudes there are apple crops in the eastern slopes, olives on the southern and very dense maquis . A special feature is the river of life as the eastern slopes receive very large amounts of rain and snow that far surpasses the average flat Thessaly . Despite the presence of 70 % schist which would not allow the creation of important groundwater sources , the existence of large faults has led to the creation of valuable sources . The most important ones are those Kaliakouda and Lagonika . Overall, the known sources to reach the mountain 70. Rivers steady stream there in Pelion , but large gullies as the Lagonika of Vrychonas , Kaliakouda and felucca with significant flow during the winter and spring months and dozens of small streams .

The picturesque and once prosperous village of Pelion Drakeia postcards 1906 . On 18 December 1943 , the Germans killed 118 villagers . Today belongs to the Municipality of Volos.
Pelion brings many visitors , both winter and summer months . The winter is preferred by those who wish to enjoy the beautiful mountain views and fresh air , snow , skiing , spend time in nature , while the summer vacationers enjoying the beautiful beaches of Pelion for swimming , racquetball , water sports , hiking , Others Pelion remains beautiful all year and are indicated for each type of activity , and alternative tourism or rural tourism while providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a large volume of tourists .

Pelion has lush vegetation throughout the year. Mostly grown apples , pears , peaches , lemons , almonds , chestnuts , walnuts , and olive oil , tea , thyme , and produced from small producers and cooperatives products like sweets , noodles , trachanas , raki , honey and basil poltos.I conservation deliveries is particularly important because the Pelion is an important factor in tourism and economic power.
Throughout the year, taking place in Pelion various festivals, where the products are sold and there is a separate celebration for each product , such as the chestnut festival each October in Zagora .
In the villages of Pelion will find many cooperatives, and particularly rural women's cooperatives that produce traditional homemade products .

Beaches in Pelion
The beaches of Pelion, both on the part of the Aegean Sea and from the hand of Pagassitikos , famous for its crystal clear waters , and many have been awarded the blue flag of the European Union . There are beaches for all tastes : quiet or secular , organized or otherwise, with sand or pebbles .

In general, the beaches on the side of Pagassitikos more leeward and have fewer waves , compared with those who see in the Aegean Sea. For example:
On the side of the Aegean Sea

  • Mylopotamos
  • Fakistra
  • Pappa Water
  • Potistika
  • Paltsi
  • Melani
  • Katigiorgis
  • Mourtias
  • Damouhari

On the side of Pagassitikos Coast
  • Milina
  • Afisos
  • Kala Nera
  • Pau
  • reed

Of course the list is endless and not exhaustive. The traveler must look not only to drivers but also his own to discover the beautiful beaches of Pelion.

Pelion paths
Pelion has a large number of trails that are ideal for hiking , equestrian and bicycle tourism , mild. The paths - paths, along with the railroad Volos - Miles , formed by the '50s the unique axis of communication between the villages and the city of Volos . Despite the passage of time , many of the old trails are still in very good condition thanks to the care of the local communities , allowing visitors the chance to explore the mountain up close and safely .

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